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Our systems have detection elements to meet all needs:
Fire Detectors

Flood Detectors

Push buttons

Access Controls

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Pooling: Signals that the system sends to the central station to indicate that the system is active.


Shielding: Generate noise to distort the signal via radio


Carrier: Generate a signal with a more powerful one so they are not understood.


Each has its advantages.

The analog line, although the light is still working and does not give problems, however if the line arrives aerial is vulnerable and can be cut.

The mobile or GSM, can be shielded with a carrier, generating noise in the frequency that transmits and ceasing to understand the transmission.

The GPRS can also be shielded, but as it generates a pooling every 5 minutes, they notify us that we do not have data line.

For IP or Internet, the transmission is very fast and if we run out of power, the router stops transmitting but when doing pooling every 2 minutes, we are notified.

Unquestionably the wiring. These installations have compensated end-of-line resistors, which guarantee that they can not be sabotaged, whereas they are easily sabotaged by radio, since the frequency by which they emit is known and there are devices to screen them.

The operation of the apparatuses is also different,

the wired installations are triggered as many times as detections occur, the radio routes are only activated within 2 minutes of no movement.

The system has a battery that will keep it active for several hours. If we want to increase that time install additional power supplies and batteries.

If, since August 2011, all equipment must be approved by European engineering to ensure that the equipment complies with the regulations. There are currently companies that do not. Installations prior to this date must update the system before 10 years.

Yes, there is no problem as long as the municipality allows it and complies with current safety regulations. If that is true, that certain security companies say NO, because it takes a lot of work to install them and their plants can not feed their consumption.

The siren must be in a visible place, not too high so that it can be easily installed and thus solve possible faults. The siren serves to signal the location by sound and pilot, so the ideal place is the busiest street.

Without any problem. The regulation tells us that in order to warn the security forces of an alarm, we need two or more zones in alarm, which is why a minimum of 3 detectors are required for an installation connected to a receiving central or to be able to visualize the zone with a camera.

Frequent faults

It will depend on the model and the type of battery, there are that a year must be changed and others can reach up to 5 years according to the manufacturer. Remember that the keyboard indicates the detector that has the battery low and we recommend that at that time change all the batteries of the equipment.

As I mentioned before, radio detectors, to save batteries do not transmit to the receiver while they detect movement, only 2 minutes after the last detection they become active. That does not represent any problem since, at the moment of connecting the system, they remain in operation after that time.

Sometimes the test we stayed inside and added the times of entry and exit.

To perform the test correctly, you must follow the following steps.

Turn on the system as usual and leave the house, wait for the exit time to pass and then enter as usual without disconnecting the system and wait for it to sound.

Possibly a malfunction of the system, there will be a fault signal on. Pick up the system manual and look in the troubleshooting section. It can be a transmission fault, Network, Battery, date and time or the batteries of the detectors.

Request your manual to the company to be able to manage their own faults or to be able to explain to the technician what is happening to the system.

Remember that all systems connected to the Central Station must have an annual maintenance.

You may have stopped broadcasting for several reasons:

If the transmission is analog line:

– It is possible that we do not have telephone line, there is a fault or cut of line.

“He passed a technician on the phone line and disconnected.

-We have changed company and have not been informed that the transmission to CRA is not compatible with the new line.

If the transmission is by GSM or GPRS

-Maybe we do not have coverage, some repeater is damaged or we are shielding the signal with an inhibitor.

Internet or IP transmission

Most likely, the router does not have a network, the router ports have been unconfigured, or the ip module has been blocked.

It is possible that when dialing the access code you have been wrong or you have not correctly entered a digit, this causes the second or third attempt to lock the keyboard for a few minutes (according to programming) What do I do? Wait and try again.

Possibly, because the battery is discharged or in poor condition, it thinks that the useful life of it is of 4 to 5 years.



Strictly NO, the CRA NEVER requests the installation code because it does not need it, they can only ask for the key word that identifies us. In summer some malicious people, pretend to be alarm companies to request information, with the excuse of updating data.

Procreate the phones of the Central Station in the mobile and this way you can verify your identity.

Remember to notify you of any changes you make to your security company, change of telephone company, low phone contact phones. Etc.


From time to time we will change the numbering of the codes, it is very easy that at some point we have had an oversight and have been able to see or tell another person. It is also convenient for each person to have their code, so everyone is responsible for their own connections and disconnections.

Remember that the central has an event buffer where you can view the latest movements.

Switching on and off prevents them from being observed.

Never put years of birth or obvious numbers.

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