Find out the staff of the company

The Job well done

From Bulldog S.L. and before presenting the staff of the Company, we believe it would be fair to introduce what will be our new website, we pretended that her services as part of our Enterprise Security Systems and high-tech products try it is a website that will serve us for all we know, a website where customers can communicate their concerns and solutions we can give them a different type of WEB in which personalized care is over Statistics and balance, but before opening the page and offer a series of data: Bulldog SL since its foundation has been experiencing significant growth rosin and its culmination was the last two years, increasing by 34% , its turnover and its turnover end customers by 39%, consolidated data for annual audit, also the volume of satisfaction after sales grew in the same terms set out above, these figures put us clearly in a position really favorable to the companies in the sector, we believe that after sales service and personalized attention along with the latest technology products give us the key to success.
Thanks from Bulldog S.L. for trusting us.

Joan Prats (Security Advisor and Marketing Bulldog S.L.)